Beauty Düsseldorf 2015

Beauty Düsseldorf 2015 – the beauty fair of all beauty fairs

From March 27thto 29th one of the most renowned beauty trade fairs in Europe, Beauty Düsseldorf 2015 opened its doors to the professional cosmetic crowds and was celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Similar to past years, the fair combined three different fairs under the same roof: Beauty Düsseldorf, Top Hair and Make-up Artist Design Show 2015.

Over three days a total of 1,400 exhibitors and brands from 60 countries presented a complete range of cosmetic products, beauty appliances and services to more than 51,000 trade visitors.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - four thematic areas

The Beauty Düsseldorf fair is divided into four thematic areas: Cosmetics, Nail care, Foot care and Wellness. More than 130 events, including lectures, presentations and workshops took place over the course of three days and made for happy faces both amongst visitors and exhibitors alike. Additional to that, a big part of the supporting programme were also the national and international makeup championships as well as various award ceremonies that rounded off the varied line-up at the fair.

Beauty Düsseldorf Fair rewarded Silvia Troska, a pioneer of the German nail industry, with the “A Life of Beauty” award. This prize recognises people who’ve made outstanding contributions to the field of professional cosmetics and who’ve served as a source of inspiration for the industry.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - Silvia Troska, A Life of Beauty award

Very interesting and almost groundbreaking in my opinion was the Italian cosmetic company and research institute Effegilab, which presented  a new natural cosmetic line called Fitomelatonina, which, as its name suggests, contains the active ingredient phytomelatonin. The cosmetic line Fitomelatonina was created by Dr. Francesca Ferri, who through long-term research developed a new technology in cosmeceuticals, which enables extraction of plant melatonin. Phytomelatonin represents definitely a promising innovation in cosmetics, since as an antioxidant it changes to a stable molecule, unlike other antioxidants. The cosmetic line Fitomelatonina enables effective prevention of free radicals, which protects the skin from aging, and also enriches the skin with oxygen and stimulates microcirculation.

In the field of cosmetic devices, Medilab, a German pioneer in high-tech beauty systems, presented the Cymedics All In One device, which is a multi-functional cosmetic appliance that combines 5 different options of treatments that complement each other (bio-cybernetic device for facial treatments and body shaping, ultrasound, radio-frequency, cold low-level laser and a sonographic result monitoring device for measurement of fatty tissue). This multi-purpose device meets the needs of a holistic aesthetic treatment for the client and enables the synergistic effects to achieve the best results. On the other hand it is also very practical for a spa or a cosmetic salon as it is very space efficient.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - Visitors in the Nail area

As part of the project 'Special Show' (Sonderschau) the German Wellness Association and Beauty Düsseldorf came up with an interesting idea. This year a group of ambitious architecture students under the guidance of Professor Harry Vetter presented different design and space concepts for spas of the future at the Future Spa area.

One of the more interesting features of the fair was in my opinion the Live Production, where various cosmetic companies participated in the “Transparent Workshop”. At this show visitors could experience through a plexiglass barrier the development and production of cosmetic products just like at a cosmetic laboratory/factory. The Live Production provided an interesting view behind the scenes of the professional cosmetics industry.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - 'Transparent Workshop'

The most interesting programs within the Wellness area were the lectures and roundtables at the Spa Business Lounge, which was organized by the wellness expert Sylvia Glückert from WellConsult. This year, the program was divided into three parts and each day there was a different topic. The theme of Friday’s lectures was: design, layout and construction of spas and wellness centres, and a lot of emphasis was also on the new, futuristic spa concepts. Saturday’s topics were: marketing, trends and personnel management. Sunday was dedicated to the spa and wellness managers with lectures and round tables discussing the role of a spa manager and the management skills a spa manager should have.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - Spa Business Lounge

The lecture by Jennifer Ospelt (I Love Spa – blog) on new ways of marketing through blogs was very refreshing and presented an interesting view on collaborations between spa bloggers and spas. One of the highlights was undoubtedly the lecture by GhislainWaeyaert (Deep Nature Development), who talked about how to manage profitable spas in Europe.

Among the most interesting trends presented by Sylvia Glückart were: "Social wellness", which looks at spas as a social centre that provides physical, spiritual and social well-being, "Smartphone wellness", by which self-tracking tools provided by smartphone apps are used in spas or on personal daily basis to monitor physical activity, eating habits…, "Healthy sleep" as an essential basis for well-being, "All-inclusive wellness" where all spa treatments and services are included in the accommodation price – oh, this trend sounds just heavenly.

In the immediate vicinity of the Spa Business Lounge exclusive spa brands such as: Galvagni Schönheit, Académie, Haslauer GmbH, Klapp, Neom Organics, Sonami and many more, introduce innovative new products and ideas specially designed for spas and offered individual talks and counseling to potential new clients.

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - Spa Brands

The grand finale of the Beauty Düsseldorf was in my eyes the Spa Manager of the Year Award presented by the German Wellness Association and the Fair Düsseldorf. Among the 10 exceptional finalists was Guy Burke from the hotel Interalpenhotel in Seefeld (Austria), who took home the first price and the glamorous title of the Spa Manager 2015. In second place came Ulrike Wehner Hotel Neptun in Warnemünde (Germany) and the third place was won by Harald Binder from hotel FalkensteinerTherme& Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (Austria).

BeautyDüsseldorf15 - Spa Manager 2015

I will admit, I am a big fan of Beauty Düsseldorf and I must say it has outdone itself again. It truly is a platform for innovations, information and further training and learning, so most definitely looking forward to Beauty Düsseldorf 2016.

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