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Just Pure Spa & Cosmetics – Natural luxury for body and soul inspired by the moon

During my visit to Munich last October I got myself a few spa tips from a fellow blogger from Germany, the wonderful Jenny from I Love Spa blog. Beside the So Spa at the glamorous Sofitel Bayerpost, she recommended also the Just Pure Day Spa and after doing a bit of research, their interesting philosophy and passion for organic and natural ingredients convinced me that I definitely should pay them a visit. Unfortunately my stay in Munich was really short so on the one day where I was available for treatments the Just Pure Day Spa was booked out. But I still decided to visit the spa and their Just Pure Brand Store, purchase some of their products and create my own home spa experience with their Just Pure Cosmetics.

As I already said, the Just Pure Brand has a really interesting philosophy and here is the gist of it that made quite an impression on me.

Gaby Just

The founder of Just Pure GmbH, Gaby Just, who has become famous in Germany in the late 80s as a fitness, beauty and wellness expert, created her own natural cosmetic brand Just Pure in 1996. From the involvement with the medicinal properties and healing effects of plants and herbs, she soon developed a holistic concept that combines natural cosmetics and their application in spas. All products of the Just Pure cosmetic line are created on the basis of cold-pressed oils, herbs and plant extracts that are organically grown. Moreover, and that is what makes this brand so interesting in my eyes, Gaby Just manufactures all products during certain moon phases. Namely, when products are made under the influence of the correct moon phase, durability, texture, consistency and fragrance intensity are guaranteed for a long time span without the need of chemical additives. So therefore, all preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, parabens, paraffins and artificial fragrances are excluded from the production. Following the principle"less ismore" the label Just Pure represents an organically certified and purecosmeticsline, produced in Germany following bio-dynamic guidelines (moon phases).

Moon Phases

The Just Pure quality stands for 100% herbal and natural ingredients such as fresh plant extracts from organic cultivation, 100% natural essential oils, cold pressed oils, herbal and natural colors from flowers petals and herbal essences. Needless to say all products and raw materials are not tested on animals. And they even thought of the packaging, which is as pure as their products. They follow a sustainable design where all containers and bottles are made of glass, with wood and aluminum lids which are assembled by hand. Only shower gels and some travel-size bottles are available in plastic bottles that are without softeners, free from toxic substances, odourless and are 100% recyclable.

Just Pure Bath Salt

The organic and pure beauty products by Gaby Just are accompanied also by the Just Pure Spa-Concept with custom made signature treatments for body and face. The observance of the moon phases makes beauty treatments become a holistic experience. So for example, the nourishing and nurturing build up treatments (such as anti-aging) are advised during a waxing moon or
full moon and on the other hand slimming, purifying, detox treatments are advised during the waning moon or new moon.

For my own home spa experience with Just Pure cosmetics I bought a few interesting products mainly for my very dry skin. Because all their oils smell soooo good I decided to get two different body oils and a rich body cream:

  • Aloe Vera Rose body oil – with St. John’s –wort oil, aloe vera oil and argan oil. Stimulating and firming body oil, perfect for after-sun care. – waxing moon
  • Magic Spirit ‘Gold’ body oil – enchanting, luxurious, and aphrodisiacal. With grape seed oil, jojoba oil and arnica extract, this oil provides for well-balanced skin moisture and a peachy look on your skin. – daily care
  • Cedar and Tangerine body cream –for dry, dull and devitalized skin. With sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. – waxing and full moon 

Tested Just Pure Products

I was advised to apply first the Just Pure Cedar Tangerine body cream and then the rich and nourishing Just Pure ‘Gold’ body oil, which really contains little gold leafs. The same can be done with the Just Pure Aloe Vera Rose body oil. Both oils can also be added to a bath (separately) which is actually very much advised in the cold winter days.

All three products were a pure pleasure to experiment with. The texture of the body cream is very nice and absorbs quickly into skin. Both oils are really rich in texture and leave a nice smooth coating on the skin and I would say that is additionally how they protect the skin from drying out in the cold winter days.  For relaxing baths I used mostly the Aloe Vera Rose body oil, which I recommend also using for warm foot baths. My favoriteproduct was the Magic Spirit ‘Gold’ body oil as it really leaves your skin radiant and slightly shimmery from the golden particles. My verdict, sometimes we can take a good spa product and create a unique home spa experience with it ourselves.

Beautiful Spa Reception and Shop

Although I haven’t experienced a treatment at the Just Pure Day Spa, I would still like to write a few sentences about it as it looks to peaceful and elegant. It was opened in November 2000 and apparently at that time it was the first spa outside a hotel facility in Europe. Thanks to its one of a kind body treatments, massages and facial treatments, is the Spa the ideal place to withdraw and unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. In October 2014 the Just Pure Day Spa was refurbished and now their guests are welcomed by elegant, creamy – white decor all based on the Feng-Shui method. Part of this elegant and minimalistic day spa is also a magnificent 150 square meters big Spa Suite for maximum 2 guests. It is equipped with amazing facilities such as: gemstone sauna, infrared room, steam room and a spacious relaxation area. The Spa Suite offers the complete opposite to the hectic world of Munich and allows their guests to relax, unwind and find time just for themselves. I truly hope my next Munich visit is coming up soon and I can enjoy and relax in all of those 150 square meters. 

Sauna in the Spa Suite

My tips:

  • Book at least 4 to 5 days in advance as they might be booked out or closed on some days.
  • Arrive 20minutes prior to the treatment, so you have time to explore all the wonderfully displayed Just Pure products and enjoy a warm cup of tea.
  • If the Just Pure Day Spa is closed, you can find their Just Pure Brand Store in the centre of Munich (Maffeistrasse 6, ‘Fuenf Hoefe’, – D – 80333 Munich).

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