Spa Platform’s Christmas Shopping List #3

It’s Saturday so it’s time for the third round of great Christmas gifts. Today there are 4 great gift ideas waiting for you:


1. BijoLada with cranberry, choco wellness by BiJoLada, Danica Stosic s.p.

This is a chocolate like no other. It is suitable for chocolate lovers with all sorts of allergies and dietary preferences. How? It actually contains zero cocoa powder, no nutrients of animal origin, genetically modified organisms and artificial food additives. The really good chocolate taste comes from a mix of high-quality cocoa butter and carob powder. Different, but really tasty.

2. Harnn Rosemary and Artimisia Soap by Harnn

This amazing rice bran oil soap is a beautiful blend of rosemary, lavender and artemisia oil. Moreover, it is rich in three natural Vitamin-E; Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and Oryzanol known as strong natural anti-oxidants, which help keep the skin clean, soft, smooth and moisturized. Read more on this beautiful soap here.

3. Charity Pot, hand and body lotion by Lush

This rich cream is an all-around body lotion that helps your skin look beautiful, but at the same time, as the name says, it also does a lot of good for small grassroots charities. This cream really nourishes the skin as it is full of amazing ingredients such as shea butter, rosewood oil, moringa oil, ylang ylang oil… So it is safe to say that from this amazing product you get double the benefits, you’ll be charitable and your skin will look amazing.

4. Red red wine nail polish by Little Ondine

At Little Ondine they make their nail polishes as natural as they get. They are made of natural ingredients like water, purified natural resin and organic colorants, need I say more?! And the Red red wine nail polish has a beautiful, indulgent and seductive medium dark scarlet red colour with a glossy finish – perfect for a festive occasion. Read more on these natural nail polishes here.   

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