Spa Platform’s Christmas Shopping List #4

Christmas is just around the corner, so in case you are still looking for cool wellness inspired presents, I decided to publish this post already on Friday. For the ‘grand finale’ I have prepared 5 great gift ideas:


1. Perfectly beautiful supplement blend by PlanetBio

Perfectly beautiful is a thoughtfully created mixture of aloe vera, buckthorn, MSM, acai, goji and bilberry. Banana powder was added to this blend for a pleasant fresh taste that goes well with water, juices, smoothies or any plant-based milk. It works in synergy and nurtures the whole body.

2. Notebook Slavc by Hiskarija

These are probably the cutes notebooks ever. They are beautiful handmade notebooks ‘dressed’ in 100% cotton fabrics with various patterns. And it gets even better, the fabric dye is organic. Perfect gift for children, but I’m sure almost any woman would be thrilled to get it.

3. Cinnamon massage candle by Aroma Herbal  

This organic massage candle offers a unique and natural skin care. The combination of organic vegetable wax, high quality butters and cinnamon essential oils deeply nourishes the skin, while creating a magical festive atmosphere. Just perfect for winter time.

4. Magic spirit gold body oil by Just Pure

Rich, luxurious body oil for all skin types, which is also suitable for massage. It is the perfect skin care for a special occasion as essential ingredients like cold pressed jojoba oil, grape seed oil, soybean oil and rice germ oil (all organic) and 23carat gold particles strengthen the skin´s barrier and protect it from free radicals. It is a luxurious treatment that smoothes your skin and brings back its elasticity. Read more about this beautiful oil here.

5. No Sweat Blossom deodorant by The Ohm Collection

This is an amazing naturally blended, chemical free deodorant to support your body, not intoxicate it. It is made with alkalizing ingredients and enriched with orange, cananga, cedar and tea tree oil. It is 100% natural and handmade with organic ingredients. The relaxing, anti-inflammatory oils leave you with a floral, sweet scent of blossom.

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