Spa Platform’s recap of the Beauty Düsseldorf 2017 fair

From March 31st to April 2nd one of the most renowned beauty trade fairs in Europe, Beauty Düsseldorf 2017 opened its doors to professional cosmetic crowds.  Similar to past years, the fair combined three different fairs at once: Beauty Düsseldorf, Top Hair and Make-up Artist Design Show 2017.

At Beauty Düsseldorf over those three days a total of 1,500 exhibitors and brands presented a complete range of cosmetic products, beauty appliances and services to more than 55,000 trade visitors.

The Beauty Düsseldorf fair was traditionally divided in four thematic areas and presented in four halls: Cosmetics, Nail care, Foot care and Wellness. More than 130 events, including lectures, presentations and workshops took place over the course of three days and made for happy faces amongst visitors and exhibitors alike.

I think it’s no secret that I love Beauty Düsseldorf and the main reason is the Wellness section. Part of this year’s ‘The Special Show’ included a “World of Treatments” segment, presenting spa treatments from three continents: Europe (Thalasso, Herbal treatments, Vine treatments), USA (Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stone massage) and Asia (Traditional Thai massage). New this year was a nutrition segment with a WellFood stand, a Smoothie stand, a Tea Lounge and a Water Bar. One of my personal highlights was again the Spa Business Lounge (SBL), with a great mixture of panel discussions involving renowned spa managers, technical lectures by proven industry experts and exhibitors of spa brands, spa design and spa treatments. The organizers managed to provide a broad spectrum of valuable insider information with the SBL establishing itself as an exclusive, aspiring consultancy and communication platform for spa and wellness professionals.

World of Treatments

The grand finale of the Beauty Düsseldorf's wellness section was again the Spa Manager of the Year Award presented by the German Wellness Association and the Fair Düsseldorf. Among the 10 exceptional finalists, Marlis Minkenberg of Severin’s Resort & Spa from Sylt (Germany) took home the first prize and the glamorous title of the Spa Manager of the Year 2017.

Spa Manager of the Year 2017 Award

But now let's do a quick recap of all the interesting lectures, products, trends, materials, new treatments and techniques that have made the biggest impression on me:

1. One of the trends I highly support and that is getting more attention is the focus on the spa employee. Spa managers are realising how important it is to have happy, healthy and loyal spa employees in the team as they are key to happy, satisfied and returning guests. The trend offers spa employees training and encourages their educational ambitions, looking after their health and promoting healthy living (sports, onsite medical checkups, nutritional workshops…). It also enables motivational coaching, seminars…

2. The next trend I really like is the Biophilic architecture and design. The fact that nature and green colour have a very calming and relaxing effect on us is a very strong advocate for this trend.  In my last year’s Spa Platform's top 5 from Beauty Düsseldorf, I wrote about spas incorporating ground breaking natural materials in the architecture, but this trend is becoming stronger and stronger with the use of moss and green-plant covered walls in spa areas.

3. Another trend I strongly advocate is ‘Healthy sleep’. Personally, adequate sleep has always been an issue with me, so I started researching this topic a few years ago and I am happy to see that lately there is more importance given to this topic. I will write an article on sleep soon, so stay tuned J

4. Next I’d like to present you with the Silent Spa – Therme Laa (Austria).  It impresses me on the one hand with its concept of finding quiet, peaceful time at the spa and on the second hand the spa’s sacral architecture which technically is an allusion to finding spiritual inner peace. While planning this spa, they were really thinking of the guest’s spa experience. That is why part of the quiet experience is the unique booking process, where the guest, while booking online, chooses the lounger he likes most, the size of the robe, treatments and so on. So everything is all set and waiting for you when you arrive. I hope to experience the Silent Spa myself as it looks sooo beautiful and sounds really interesting.

5. This year it was already the third time the ‘Private Label’ trend was mentioned at the Spa Business Lounge, and I agree with this trend too, as the times of spas presenting themselves with known cosmetic brands are obsolete. One way to distinguish yourself is with creating your own cosmetic label and if you are thinking ‘hmmm, but that’s expensive and complicated’, I have good news, no it is not. There are companies, such as Galavgni Schöheit GmgH, who can create and produce high quality private label cosmetics for affordable prices and in small quantities. You can read more on this topic in my interview with the founder of Glavagni Schönheit GmbH here.

6. And last but not least, on the last day of the fair the German Wellness Association awarded the Wellness Innovation Awards 2017. The two most interesting winners were the Regulatpro Hyaluron – The Anti-Aging Beauty Drink by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma, winner in the Beauty & Body Care Product category, and the Gantke Fascia Treatment winner in the Beauty & Body Care Treatments category. The Regulatpro Hyaluron is basically a 100% vegan anti-aging drink, rich in hyaluronic acid, zinc, copper and silica extracted from sundried fruits, nuts and vegetables where its active compounds can enter skin cells and therefore reduce wrinkles, improve skin hydration and elasticity. And the Gantke Fascia Treatment is a special massage focusing on the fascia, a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.

As always I am really glad I had the chance to visit this year’s Beauty Düsseldorf as it truly is a platform for innovations, information and further training and learning, so I am already looking forward to Beauty Düsseldorf 2018.

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