Spa Platform’s top 5 at Beauty Düsseldorf 2016

Spa Platform’s top 5 at Beauty Düsseldorf

At the Beauty Düsseldorf fair, visitors had the chance to see and experience a lot of interesting products, trends, materials, breakthrough innovations, new treatments and techniques.

Here are Spa Platform’s top 5 from Beauty Düsseldorf:

1. As part of this year’s project, 'Special Show Wellness' (Sonderschau), the German Wellness Association and Beauty Düsseldorf arranged a nature themed exhibition. Nature has been an increasing trend for quite some time and in recent years we have witnessed rising popularity of natural cosmetics. But the nature trend is also very much present in the furnishings, materials and designs of wellness facilities. The company Weise & Partner displayed amazing new natural materials at the Special Show Wellness ‘Nature & Spa’. They also gave practical and easy-to-implement furnishing examples for bringing nature into wellness areas of hotels and spas. From wallpaper made of natural materials like hay, lavender or rose petals, natural clay plaster to moss covered walls. All these new materials look incredible and seem like a unique idea, so in my opinion deserves a place between Spa Platform’s top 5.


2. Galvagni Schönheit GmbH, the company specializing in tailor made spa rituals and producing private labels for spas presented a new and interesting product. They complimented three of their spa rituals called African Energy + Vitality, Vinotherapy and Joy of Life with Bach pastilles (bonbon drops enriched by Bach flower essences). ‘Feel Strong’ pastilles are part of the African Energy + Vitality ritual and are supposed to fill you up with power and strength. The ‘Be Focused’ pastilles compliment the Vinotherapy (power of the grapes) that should give you clarity and endurance. The ‘Be Happy’ pastilles go along the Joy of Life with Bach ritual, which help you find serenity and peace. Galvagni Spa Pastilles are all made after Dr. Edward Bach’s original Bach flower essences recipe from England. The Pastilles are made of 100% natural acacia syrup and are rich in vitamins and trace elements, but are without alcohol, aspartame, gluten, fat and with no added sugar. They represent a harmonious triad of power from Bach flower essences, effective vitamin complexes and essential trace elements. Galvagni Spa Pastilles are a great idea to complement a spa treatment and create a spa experience that really enchants all senses. They taste great and not too sweet and the packaging is very practical and cute. Galvagni Spa Pastilles can represent the cherry on top at the end of a treatment but are also a great retail item that can, similar as Bach drops, be bought as an emergency aid on the go.   


3. A really interesting and innovative product, in my opinion, is the Swaywaver, a new dimension of a treatment table designed by Michel Urban from Urban Gold. The Swaywaver is based on an authentic mechanism which enables the treatment table to be turned 360° horizontally and swings freely vertically. With these features it creates a feeling of weightlessness. The idea for this unique innovation comes from the ‘Watsu’ therapy, a treatment exercised in water, which can provide very deep relaxation. In a way, the Swaywaver enables the ‘Watsu’ technique possible without water. But there is more to Swaywaver, this amazing product is also user/therapist friendly. Because of its special amortization mechanics there is much less pressure needed when performing a massage and therefore it is gentle on the therapist’s joints. To create perfect spa treatments, the creative genius Mr. Urban developed an amazing natural UrbanGold-Cosmetic line. In addition to the cosmetic products, unique wellness ceramic pots called wellness jars were created in which massage oil can be stored, warmed up and due to the smooth surface of the ceramic jars, can also be used as massage props. Such innovative and thought-through product as Swaywaver and complementary treatments and products should be rewarded, so congrats to Urban Gold.


4. The next interesting product comes from the beverage industry. Little Miracle is a brand new drink, a blend of organic tea, fruit juice, ginseng and acai. Because of its ingredients it is the perfect pick-me-up. Developed with consumer health and wellbeing in mind, all blends are sweetened with organic agave and contain less than 90kcal per drink. The drinks are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners andare Fairtrade and Organic-certified. There are 5 different flavours available, but I had the chance to try three of them:  White Tea and Cherry, Green Tea and Pomegranate, Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng. They all tasted very refreshing and not too sweet. In my opinion a great way to offer your spa or fitness guests a different and refreshing beverage.

Little Miracle - the new natural beverage

5. I got acquainted with this amazing cosmetic brand when visiting the So Spa in Munich. I am talking about Cinq Mōndes, the prestigious French cosmetic brand that combines spa and beauty rituals from the whole wide world. What impresses me is their story and their philosophy.  The founders, Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux travelled around the globe in search for the best beauty rituals. Inspired by ancient wellness traditions of the world, they created a selection of amazing treatments, massages and cosmetic products for prestigious and professional spa treatments. Cinq Mondes products are based on formulas that are both effective and harmless thanks to their research into Phyto-aromatics (Phyto – power of active plant based ingredients used in traditional remedies; Aromatic – benefits for the mind and body of unique fragrances). As a pioneer of petrochemical free formulas, Cinq Mondes has always favoured organic ingredients that are both effective and sensory and that is what I truly love about Cinq Mondes, their fragrances are incredible and really natural. Moreover Cinq Mondes offers products with Ecocert – Cosmebio certification. 

Amazing Cinq Mondes spa products      

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