Vinoble Day Spa

Vinoble Day Spa – a perfect place to relax, rest and enjoy in harmony with nature and a great example of a perfect spa concept

We so often hear from spa and wellness experts that one of the most important factors of a successful spa business is a well chosen and thought through concept. On one of mine first visits to Düsseldorf’s Beauty International Fair I become aware of Vinoble Day Spa. In May 2013 I paid them a visit, because I believe they have perfectly chosen and created their spa concept. Their location, surrounding nature and the natural cosmetics line, which at the time was lacking on the market, were connected into an authentic wine concept that inspires and impresses their guests and experts.

In picturesque hilly landscape of Südsteiermark (Austria), that is famous for its excellent white wines can be found a villa of relaxation and beauty – Vinoble Day Spa. At the Vinoble Day Spa the guest can choose from numerous Vinoble treatments, based on natural cosmetic products made of grapes and elderflower.

Vinoble Day Spa Villa

Perfect harmony of nature and science

The name Vinoble itself is already indicating (that we will witness) the story about wine, grapes and vine. The main feature which allows Vinoble Day Spa to shine in its uniqueness is its own natural cosmetic line Vinoble Cosmetics. This story of success started in 1995, when Luise Köfer, founder of Vinoble Day Spa, was looking for a highly effective, but at the same time still completely natural cosmetics. Offer at that time was not as rich as it is today and Luise Köfer decided to make her own cosmetic brand. She found and collaborated with topmost chemists and they developed a unique cosmetic brand that complies with all the necessary standards for natural cosmetics. While developing her cosmetics Luise Köfer stuck to the rule of authenticity and created a product, made of local sources – grapes and elderberries. All Vinoble products are paraben, paraffin and silicon free and are not tested on animals. The main active components of Vinoble Cosmetics are antioxidants from grape seeds, nourishing grape seed oil and resveratrol obtained from the vine.  


Vinoble Cosmetic Products

Unique Vinoble Day Spa experience

Vinoble Day Spa is distinguished by its own creations of wine and elderflower treatments. The treatments have a very strong anti-aging effect and are highly esteemed. All the ingredients in massage oils, creams and other cosmetics and massage products are manufactured in Austria according to the highest standards. Vinoble Day Spa pampers its guests with authentic and unique Vinoble treatments. Staff in the spa are very kind, but also highly professional and aim for constant well-being of their guests. They truly want to make every guest’s visit unforgettable.  

Three floors of relaxation and pure pleasure, embraced by scents of vineyard

Four years ago the villa in a small village Kaindorf was completely renovated and transformed into a beautiful Vinoble Day Spa. Three floor Spa consists of a massage suit, 2 massage rooms, sauna, pedicure rooms, face care rooms, GP practice, consolation room and meeting room. In the villa there is also a part of the production unit of Vinoble cosmetics, but it will soon be moved and that part will be rearranged into a couple’s suite. Throughout the villa spreads a pleasant fragrance, evoking a feeling of walking through a vineyard. Motives of grapes and elder tree are also all over the spa. Guests can taste delicious grape pralines, fresh grapes and a local specialty – elderberry juice.  

Vinoble Day Spa Hallway  

The absolute highlight in Vinoble Day Spa is definitely the elliptic spa suit that was designed by a renowned designer Joachim Hallwachs. The shape and central position of the suite gives us a feeling of harmony and energy balance. The whole spa has also a unique lighting accompanied by an interesting play of light and colours, which enables a fluid change of colours and fascinating light effects that create a perfect atmosphere and chromo therapy.    

Suite Vinoble Day Spa

Vinoble Cosmetics factory – when a vision becomes reality

In June 2013 Vinoble Cosmetics factory in Freising in the Kitzeck foothills has opened. This huge project united production, logistics and quality control centre under one roof. Vinoble is a unique and sustainable company with a really special philosophy and that’s the reason why the company decided to enable visitors to see the whole production process and even the laboratory threw a specially designed glass wall.    


Vinoble Cosmetics Manufactury


Vinoble Balance Treatment

I decided to try the Vinoble Balance treatment, a massage with small bags (pouches), filled with grape seeds and hot grape seed oil. This treatment received The Health & Spa Award in 2009. The treatment starts with a consultation where a guest can decide for suitable massage oil. I decided for the invigorating mixture of grape seed oil, citrus fruit oil and mint oil. The therapist first started with a relaxing head and neck massage – first with hands and then also with warm bags. The technique of the body massage differs from the classic, Swedish massage. The therapist first massages the right half of the body (legs, torso, and arms) and then the left half, thereby the therapist is constantly forming a closed circle while massaging from the foot, up the leg, along the torso to the arm and shoulder and then goes back to the foot. With the warm pouches the therapist always massages along the energy channels throughout the body. The massage is gently balancing body energies. Its aim is to create a strong, but at the same time completely relaxed body. At the end of this wonderful and relaxing massage the therapist served me a refreshing elderberry juice and a delicious grape praline. My senses were awakened and wrapped in the magic mist of a spring vineyard.  

Spa Treatment

My decision to visit Vinoble Day Spa was definitely the right one. I experienced a great day in the spa that follows its story about grapes, wine and vine, a place that is up to date, but at the same time remains true to its authentic concept and maintain an extremely high level of professionalism. My expectations were fulfilled, if not even exceeded, because it’s a place where you can truly let yourself be pampered by experts and regain the inner balance between your body and soul.

My tips:

-Try to book your chosen treatment at least a few days in advance, because they are often fully booked due to the large number of regular guests.   

-The spa facilities include a small parking lot (about 5 spots) in the inner courtyard, so it will be taken care of the safety of your car while you relax.

-At the spa you will also have the opportunity to purchase Vinoble cosmetics and their team of experts will be happy to advise you. I myself purchased the Vinoble Body Oil, which is a blend of grapeseed oil, apricot seed oil, sunflower oil and chestnut oil. The product leaves the skin silky and has a beautiful warm scent.   

-If you wish to attend a multi-day program at the Vinoble Day Spa, their team will help you find accommodation in a nearby hotel, but unfortunately it’s very unlikely you will be able to take a stroll to your treatments in a bathrobe.

-Despite the navigation system, Vinoble Day Spa was not exactly easy to find, so my advice is to check the location and maps exactly prior to leaving and possibly look it up also on the Google Street View.

-If you are travelling from Slovenia, the Vinoble Day Spa can be reached (on the Austrian side) also only by regional roads, whereby you can avoid the purchase of the Austrian pay toll (vignette), but I only recommend this adventure with the help of a navigation system.    


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